Which watch is worth buying?

No matter what you buy, everyone will only choose the right one but not the expensive one. As the preferred accessory for men, most people still want cost-effective, high quality and low price are the first choice, so what kind of watch is considered to be relatively cost-effective?
Quality, after all, is not something that is worn for months or years. Good quality sports watches can be worn for several years, so quality determines how long a watch can exist. In terms of quality, basically divided into three aspects: movement, material and workmanship. In terms of movements, no one is professional. Even if someone says what a movement is, how good it is, even if it is shown to you, you ca n’t see it. What should I do?
Then choose a well-known brand, so that the movement can still be guaranteed. In terms of materials, watches with thousands of dollars will not use precious metals, but will use stronger and more resistant metals. Workmanship best reflects the quality of a watch. Cost-effective watches will have no flaws in workmanship. At least they will have smooth lines and smooth mirror surfaces. Some small details will be handled well. The function of the watch depends on the situation. Like the quartz watch, the function is relatively less, a bit is the function of the calendar or the addition of a bright three-eye chronograph. Mechanical watches have relatively more functions,