These little methods can help your love watch

When performing these intense sports, it is best to take off your watch, to avoid bumping the casing, affecting the appearance and movement, and also to avoid accidentally hurting others. Although some watches are often referred to as “sports watches” by merchants, personally think that this is both a reputation and a marketing gimmick. Watch friends should never try their own expensive watches.
For example, belt-type watches, the sweat that we shed during exercise is easy to corrode the strap, which will lead to the accelerated loss of the life of the leather strap. Don’t place the watch in a humid place, even a normal running watch needs to be regularly taken to the maintenance point for maintenance. Occasionally test the movement or take care of oil washing, making the watch more accurate and will make us feel Become more pleasant and comfortable, so don’t be afraid that you will be delayed for too much time.
Also remind you old iron, try to avoid placing the watch in a damp and cool place for a long time, especially the watch with very ordinary waterproof function. Because this will not only make the dial fog, but also may cause the leather strap to harden, which affects the overall wearing comfort and experience.