Watch-making meets fine Jewellery in the form of Cartier’s timeless Panthère de Cartier Manchette, an Authentic design treasure.

An investment piece of the maximum order, Cartier’s iconic Panthère Cartier watches Manchette turned into a highly sought collector’s thing the moment it was first unveiled, back in the 1980s. With flowing links reminiscent of a panther slinking through the jungle — hence the name’panthère’ — this eye-catching bit fluidly wraps the wrist white or yellow gold, depending upon your preference. Finished with an artfully off-center dial, adorned with a border of brilliant-cut diamonds, there’s no doubt that this timeless timepiece is dazzling — but in addition, it boasts endless wearability. Whether peeking out from under a blazer barbell, accentuating the opulence of a lace evening gown, or even bettering a simple white shirt and panties, consider this high-octane bit an effortless way to add polish to any outfit. A magnificent addition for any watch set, take good care of this heirloom piece and it will be cherished for generations to come.