Iconic Rolex Watches for Women

For women date back to 1927 when Mercedes Gleitze, an English female swimmer, made history by crossing the English Channel sporting the Rolex 28, rolex watches.

The watch stayed in working order following a swim. This momentous event in the background of Rolex was made possible by a girl — marking the start of Rolex’s close affinity .

Made for guys, Rolex later introduced models that were more suitable for women. At length, the Lady-Datejust premiered in 1957. The Lady-Datejust has been the first chronometer collection designed specifically for women watch.


Produced with the same meticulous craftsmanship which propelled Rolex the Lady-Datejust is sleeker to fit comfortably on a thinner wrist and smaller. Years after, in 1992, Rolex introduced a new field of jewellery watches — the Rolex Pearlmaster. A reinvention of this Lady-Datejust, the Pearlmaster collection includes valuable metals and stones, giving fresh meaning to the idea of luxury watches.

Through the years, Rolex has mastered the art of attaining the synthesis of performance and fashions in ladies’ watches. Rolex watches for women are synonymous with quality, workmanship and advanced designs that are outstanding.