How to wind a rarone mechanical watch?

Mechanical skeleton watches have always been loved by a large number of users. In addition to the convenience of watches in our lives, they will also cause such questions. For example, how to wind up mechanical watches? In fact, if you want to know, read the following article!
How to wind a mechanical watch correctly, I use Renault’s mechanical watch as an example Press the button to control the time, and then twist clockwise to the front to start winding the mechanical watch (if it is a rotary threaded head, first you need to loosen the counterclockwise, then flip the head and then twist it forward), general energy For a watch of more than thirty hours, the winding will be full in twenty-five windings; do not apply excessive force to prevent unnecessary damage. The automatic mechanical watch will be released when it is saturated because it has a slipping system. The energy output (the main effect is to imitate the automatic rotor to increase upwards, causing the mainspring to be damaged due to saturation). For automatic mechanical watches, saturation will not occur. Generally speaking, the new watch will turn almost 25 laps.
I just bought the Renault watch and I have n’t worn it for a few days. There is an error. Many friends will doubt whether the movement has a problem. In fact, it may not be because of the movement. It is because the mechanical mens watch has not been wound correctly. Many friends think that automatic mechanical watches do not need to be wound, which is a very wrong idea.