Every men’s watch brand has a positioning crowd at the beginning

Every men’s watch brand has a positioning group at the beginning. What kind of people do they serve? The brand you choose should be able to show your professional identity. Patterns, in addition to some basic parameters such as digital logos, brand logos, factory names, etc., there should not be too many fancy patterns, even if the patterns are used, they are also in line with certain occasions or morals. Appearing on a formal occasion will be very detrimental to your image, and it is likely to make people laugh.
The color is the same as the shape mentioned above. On formal occasions, the best mens watch should be worn to avoid weird fancy, and also to avoid flowery green, generally monochrome, two-color is also acceptable, should not choose three or more watches . No matter what the color of the watch, the color should be clear, high and elegant. Such as the most common gold, silver, black silk, white, strap is gray, brown, black silk.
The shape and shape of the watch are related to the brand of the watch. On formal occasions, men should wear watches that should avoid strange and fancy shapes. mechanical Watches with novel shapes and other shapes are only suitable for young boys and girls. The shape of the watch is generally a round, oval, square, rectangular and other shapes. These are suitable for formal occasions.