Essential knowledge for skeleton watches

The splint of the skeleton watch movement frame is not covered, and even the barrel has no cover, because this can clearly see the movement of the mechanical watch every blink of an eye, every office situation. Even if the layman looks at a lively, it is also fun, this is the advantage of hollow watches. Many of Switzerland’s well-known brands are hollow watches, which are regarded as a type of high-end watches.
Although the structure of the manufacture is simple, there are no complicated functions. However, the price is far more than the ordinary format watches, selling more than 300,000 is not new, these watches are specially manufactured in small batches, and the movement splint will also use precious metals.
Generally speaking, mens skeleton watches are more expensive, especially those with carvings on the plywood. Many of them are done by hand by watchmakers. The movement plywood is carved into colorful cloud stripes, commonly known as “color cloud plate” Although it is not hollow, it is expensive in the collection and preservation market.