Pre-SIHH 2015: Rêves de Panthères, A Dream of Feminity



Inspired with a round wristwatch introduced into the Cartier set as early as 1943, the Pasha De Cartier collection continues to be a testament to manufacturing invention coupled with respectful adherence to the aesthetical traditions that indicate fine timepieces.This collection is characterized by a round, water-resistant case that comes in steel, pink stone in addition to white gold. A screw-down crown molding is connected into the situation with a graceful series. Automatic or mechanical complications guarantee complete precision in timekeeping. The watchstraps in the collection come in lovely fabric or high quality metal.The watches are so diverse in their styles and sizes that everyone can find something which befits their taste and posture in life. A piece de resistance in the collection would be the Pasha De Cartier Flying Tourbillon Skeleton Watch- a masterpiece that features intricately distinctive skeletonization work, certain to leave you spellbound.The ruggedly handsome hero of ‘The Mask of Zorro’ Antonio Banderas is the proud proprietor of a timepiece from this glorious collection. Along with the celebrity fans with this collection do not stop here. The bubbly and cute actor Amanda Bynes is just another star that has been seen sporting this glorious collection.Louis Cartier made the very first Cartier Pasha in 1932 for the Sultan of Marrakech. It was one of the very first water-resistant watches to be devised. The timepiece is characterised by its simple elegance and circular dial which contains four digits. For years, the Cartier Pasha was always reinterpreted and has become an extremely sought old classic.

A timeless subject of artistic watchmaking expression at Cartier, the dreamlike panther enters the decoration – at once diurnal and nocturnal – of a Day/Night movement that belongs to the great tradition of the Maison’s complications.

A complete and tangible vision of time measurement that resembles a jewellery dream lulled by a precious sky that changes from starry night to shining sun.

Laziz Hamani © Cartier

The figurehead of an incredible watchmaking journey, the panther, over the years, has ventured from one movement to another, sometimes skeletonised, sometimes oscillating, giving rise a creative repertoire to which the latest Rêves de Panthères watch belongs.

The famous feline appears for the first time in a pack, surrounding a fabulous disc: a graphic, feminine and jewelled interpretation of one of Cartier’s most recent Fine Watchmaking movements.

Laziz Hamani © Cartier

Driven by the self-winding calibre 9916 MC, the sun and the moon take turns indicating the time, appearing and disappearing in an alternating astral display, a magical spectacle observed by the three panthers.

Cartier calibre 9916MC

Entirely pavé-set with diamonds, this celestial watch is an ode to Cartier’s emblematic animal. On the Rêves de Panthères watch, their silhouettes spotted with black lacquer mark the timeless aesthetic with their enchanting trace.

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