Cartier Panthère De Cartier Watches review

February 17, 2017 mycartier 0

Because Cartier re-beautifully watch the department eight years ago, it was surprised that we used one after another with a great complex watch. This year, Cartier has a different surprise: Panthere de Cartier’s resurrection has stopped early regulation. In addition Read More


Panthère de Cartier: An Icon Returns

February 15, 2017 mycartier 0

If you can define an era look, Panthere will represent the 1980’s. Its refined and elegant dress is a perfect match for men and women. What is Panthere’s strength is not only elegant but also comfortable to wear. The situation Read More

Panthère de Cartier

Cartier Resurrects an Iconic Collection

January 20, 2017 mycartier 0

The 1980s is making a comeback – shoulder pads, big hair, and now, the Panthère de Cartier. Cartier: Panthère de Cartier Originally launched in 1984, the Panther collects the signature of Cartier’s ultimate representation pattern, even though it may represent Read More

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