Cartier Santos 100 XL Rose Gold With Rubber Strap Watch Available On James List  Sales & Auctions

Cartier Santos 100 XL Rose Gold With Rubber Strap Watch Available On James List

Cartier employs a sleek strap attachment system that means there are no gaps between the case and the strap – that is nice. The cozy leather strap includes difficult-to-see stitching (that I prefer) and a butterfly-style deployant clasp. The clasp itself is cool-looking with a design meant to indicate the expression of the bezel with its steel and 18k yellow gold structure and two screws that are observable. In addition, the grip is also finished as the case, with additional detailing such as angle beveling. As I have a tendency to do, I’ll mention that while the adjustment system lets you carefully pick the length of each side of the strap allowing for a very precise fit, it is not meant to allow you to adjust the size of the strap frequently. So initial sizing is a bit of a pain, but once you size the strap, it looks very nice on the wrist.On that the wrist, the Cartier Santos 100 sells itself and is overall a gorgeous and easy-to-live-with timepiece. If I had more bad things to say about it, I would. But for what it is, this is a great watch, despite the fact that I would consider it pricey. It won’t be the most complicated watch in your group, but this is not where the allure is. People enjoy watches such as the Cartier Santos 100 because of its traditional design and versatile wearing appeal. It succeeds in being a classic that is both well-made and unique enough to serve a distinct part in your opinion collection. Price for this mention W20072X7 Cartier Santos 100 watch is $9,650, and for the record, the steel-only version is $7,000.

Cartier Santos 100 XL Rose Gold With Rubber Strap Watch Available On James List  Sales & Auctions
A wristwatch that immediately took benefit from the technology of the ID-ONE is the Astro Tourbillon Carbon Crystal that was introduced in 2013, at a limited edition of 50 pieces. This new ‘Astro Tourbillon Carbon Crystal’ premiered at a Niobium metal case, a lightweight and non-magnetic metal, that resists corrosion, shocks and scratches and it’s the carbon escapement of this ID-ONE. All corrections of the watch can be produced via the crown and just needs one proper per year.This Santos Dumont Skeleton (below) was after the Santos 100 skeleton, the second model that comprised the newest 9612 MC mechanical antenna caliber. A very eye catching watch that comes with a white- coloured, pink golden or ADLC coated titanium case. The skeletonized bridges are in the shape of Roman numerals and are, in the event of the all black edition, ADLC coated. It has quite wearable dimensions of 38.7 x 47.4mm.The Rotonde de Cartier Mysterieuse (under), in 42mm, is a prime lead where history meets technology. Cartier was the first brand in presenting a puzzle clock at 1912. It was developed by Maurice Coüet for Cartier. Hundred years later Cartier constructed especially a fresh in-house grade because of their Mysterieuse watch, a caliber that was constructed around sapphire crystal dial with the floating palms. Cartier’s watchmakers had to overcome difficulties like driving of the sapphire discs with the minute hand and the one with the hour hand plus the friction between them. Instead of adopting the system that was developed by Maurice Coüet for the vintage Mystery clocks, Cartier did it on its own way and decided that they ought to turn on light pivots, actually like a wheels in a gear train.

A watch that directly took advantage from the technology of this ID-ONE is that the Astro Tourbillon Carbon Crystal which was presented in 2013, in a limited edition of 50 pieces. This new ‘Astro Tourbillon Carbon Crystal’ was released at a Niobium titanium case, a lightweight and non-magnetic alloy, that resists rust, scratches and shocks also it has the carbon escapement of this ID-ONE. All corrections of this watch can be made via the crown and just needs one correct per year.This Santos Dumont Skeleton (below) was after the Santos 100 skeleton, the next version that featured the new 9612 MC mechanical antenna caliber. A very eye catching watch which comes with a white- coloured, pink gold or ADLC coated titanium instance. The skeletonized bridges are at the form of Roman numerals and therefore are, in case of the all black version, ADLC coated. It has very wearable measurements of 38.7 x 47.4mm.The Rotonde de Cartier De Santos Watch Mysterieuse (below), in 42mm, is a prime guide where history meets technology. Cartier was the first brand in presenting a puzzle clock at 1912. Hundred years later Cartier built especially a new in-house grade because of their Mysterieuse watch, a quality that was built around sapphire crystal dial with the floating hands. Cartier’s watchmakers had to conquer difficulties like forcing of those sapphire discs together with the minute hand and also the one using the hour hand in addition to the friction between them. Instead of adopting the system which was developed by Maurice Coüet for the vintage Mystery clocks, Cartier did it on its own way and determined that they should turn on light pivots, really like a wheels in a gear train.

Cartier watches are undeniably sexy and have an excellent brand image. Not always the watch for when you want something horologically interesting on your wrist, they are a great default watch for days you want something “simply nice” on your wrist. Still a jeweler in spirit, Cartier strives for that polished high-end look as opposed to being overtly avant garde. Conservative and nice is their main design drive.

My personal favorite line in the Cartier De Santos Womens Watch watch collection is the Santos. The 100 XL is their larger version of the watch, the standard model is a bit small for my tastes. At 38mm wide and tall the square 100 Xl Santos does not sound too large, but as a square shape it is a good substantial size on one’s wrist without being silly in size. Of the coolest versions is this 18k rose gold and rubber model. While it is very sporty, the black with gold look is beautiful. I love how the Cartier Roman numeral style melds with the hues. Really attractive with a timeless quality to it.

Cartier Santos 100 XL Rose Gold With Rubber Strap Watch Available On James List  Sales & Auctions
Also observe the simple good looks of this trademark Cartier-style dial. Totally symmetrical with just the time (and no date), the light silver dial is the epitome of a Ladies Cartier Santos De Galbee Watch using its black Roman numeral hour markers and sword-style lumed hands. Such dials work nicely in Cartier’s Tank watches, but presented as a square in a square case, I think this design looks its very best. Yes, even the dial is straightforward, but it is also rather legible and very graceful. When you really want to celebrate conservatism that works and is not dull, you can choose to wear a Cartier Santos 100. Yes, fundamentally the Cartier Santos 100 is an easy timepiece with couple of gimmicks. Experienced watch lovers may yawn at the lack of specialized excitement, but that isn’t what the Cartier Santos 100 is all about. This is only one of Cartier’s watches for “everyone” (who are able to afford it), and it makes up for its lack of using a special movement or features with solid good looks that are beautiful. “I hope that in the future Cartier may decide to slide in an in-house made motion, which I believe for a lot of collectors will increase the value proposition, as it isn’t an entry-level-priced timepiece. For the time being, the Cartier Santos 100 has a foundation Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement which does the task of being dependable and telling time decently.
Cartier has been aware of the fact that men, interested in, let us call them, ‘the greater watches’, were more educated about timepieces, compared to normal Santos De Cartier Watch Price client was and that these guys were also more interested in the quality of the movements. That resulted in 1998 in the launching of the, in the male consumer targeted, ‘Collection Privée, Cartier Paris’ series. An assortment of limited edition and limited produced watches, housed in Cartier’s classic instances such as the Santos, Tank, Tortue, but more important, powered with high end mechanical calibers made by famous watch manufacturers, for Cartier.Piaget, JLC, Frederique Piguet, Gerald Genta and others all delivered these superior calibers for the top of the line collection. The superb finishing of the movements, was done by Cartier and has been visible through the back, since lots of the models had a glass back, to see the motion. A characteristic that was pretty unusual at that moment. Collection Privée was however, too limited in quantities for a true achievement, since many of the models were only produced in 100 pieces, while Cartier had already finished 200 brand Boutiques at that time. One would anticipate that my WIS (Watch Idiot Savant) buddies at the GTG meetings would be exited about the bits I revealed, but that was only partially true, since another trend was popular among those guys; ‘in-house movements’. A grail watch needed to possess an in-house movement to be the actual thing (bargain). Throughout the Collection Privée interval, 1998 — 2008, Cartier frequently confronted difficulties in getting all of the components from their suppliers and it frequently happened that a watch has been published later than planned, because of the fact that some components were not available in time, to finish the watch.

It was 1983 or 1984 when I bought my very first actual watch; the Santos De Cartier Watch Review Santos. It had been hot like hell and became the most copied watch. It was also that opinion that made me interested in the background of this brand, because the seller explained that the layout was inspired from the first men’s wristwatch, started by Cartier in 1904. So you can imagine that it did not take long until I had been obsessed with watches generally, particularly with Cartier.At that time watch forums were just becoming popular, see magazines were still uncommon and watch blogs like Fratello and Hodinkee didn’t exist yet. But what we’d about in 1995, were the ‘Get Togethers’ with other watch fans (fanatics). All these GTG’s were organised by collectors themselves and so were always very funny. Everyone brought a few pieces from their collection and with heaps of wine and beer, we chatted about the various versions until late in the day. But always the same brands got all the attention and for me personally it was rather frustrating that one only paid attention to my Cartier watches, to be considerate. The word ETA was always mentioned as if these were poor movements and also often I heard quotes such as; ‘my wife would love them!’

O afford the creation a step further La Maison additionally developed the platinum Rotonde de Santos De Cartier Watch Replica Mysterious Dual Tourbillon. A timepiece that is visually so remarkable, that the huge case of 45mm does not really matter anymore. The flying tourbillon turning once on its own axis, every moment, is eye-candy. Entirely moving free, in a see-through round chamber, with no visible link to a gear train.An amazing piece in 2010 was the Rotonde Grande Complication. This season however, Cartier ready a huge demonstration for the media, to present the 2015 variant of this Rotonde Grande Complication (under), by no way another dial colour, or alternative case, but a completely different watch with: Perpetual Calendar, Minute Repeater and Flying Tourbillon. Powered by the newest skeletonized automatic caliber 9406MC, using a double platinum micro-rotor. The Grande Complication was rewarded with the Geneva Seal.Since 2007, Cartier’s team of watchmakers constructed (made) an impressive assortment of about 40 distinct calibers, from the basic 1904MC into the very high-end complicated 9406MC. All watches in the top line have in-house calibers and in a couple of decades, the whole mainstream collection will perform too.Thank you for reading and do not overlook that the new ‘your spouse loves so much’, has changed to this genius watchmaker that you ought to pay attention to, even once you’re considering high end watch making!This post was written by long-time Cartier expert George Cramer for Fratello Watches. George is a contributor to Revo-Online, Revolution Magazine and runs his own website as well where he keeps track of his various gifts about Cartier and his other (main) interest, independent watchmaking.

Compared to many other watches out there Cartier watches are simple, but the devil is in the polish and the details. The refined designs are flattering to the wearer and function well as timepieces. The smooth sides of the square Santos are enhanced by screws on the rubber coated black bezel and on the segmented rubber strap. Contrasting finishes of polish and brushed finished adorn the surfaces of the case. The dial is angular and sharp in its lines, while the case itself has softer curves to it. A utilitarian feel comes from the bolt style crown – finished off with a jewelry style black jewel cabochon in it.

Moving back into the appeal of this Cartier Santos 100 instance, when you put it on, you understand exactly how curved it’s. The thick lugs Gently arch down making a contour that enables the situation to sit down easily on the wrist but also adds a number of the essential curvature to give the Cartier Santos 100 which “organic” look which combines harmoniously with your wrist. Moreover, even though the case is square, pretty much everything has rounded edges, from the situation itself to the bezel. Sharp angles are there, but they’re fewer and more willful than the curves. In fact, part of the genius of this design is in creating an extremely curved square case and having many of the true angles show up on the dial.Cartier also has the steel Cartier Santos 100 case brushed (really well, I might add) with beautiful, polished, beveled edges along the sides of the instance which look fantastic. The golden bezel is all polished, and I love that it’s yellow versus rose gold. The many angles you’ll find on the instance are at the geometric seven-sided crown which has a large blue spinel crystal cabochon inside (Cartier used to utilize sapphire but typically prefers spinel nowadays, since it’s easier to industrialize and provides exactly the identical look). Cartier is very proficient at making deceptively simple cases which excel because of careful visual refinements and select details which work together to make something that works very well. This is an apex of nice European luxury watch design because of its subtle nuances and timeless allure.

Inside the watch is an automatic mechanical movement and the watch itself is water resistant to 100 meters. This is a higher-end sports model from Cartier as it is in gold, and there is also a chronograph version available. You may opt for an alligator strap that I am sure can be attained (watch has a 22mm wide strap). Retail price is a bout $20,000, but you can usually find it from $15,000 – $18,000. All part of the cost of Cartier ownership.

See this Cartier Santos 100 XL watch on James List here.

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